Today’s educational institutions give us the functional and technical skills needed to build a more prosperous world. Mentora Foundation focuses on the Inner Mastery | Outer Impact skills needed to build a more principled world.

Our goal is to train changemakers in the discipline of Inner Mastery | Outer Impact.

Inner Mastery is about operating from our Inner Core, the space of highest potential within each of us. Inner Mastery helps us activate our five Core energies in all we do, to make us:

  • Committed to an uplifting cause (Purpose)
  • Calm and receptive to truth in all matters (Wisdom)
  • Curious and open to new learnings that take us closer to our Core (Growth)
  • Connected with the people we work with, and the people we serve (Love)
  • Centered in the joyful and intuitive spirit within (Self-realization)

Outer Impact comes when we envision a better world, build a winning path from today’s conditions to this better future, and inspire others to take this journey with us by activating their Inner Core.

Our goals

Codify the universal, scientific, and timeless principles of Inner Mastery | Outer Impact that can guide people on how to grow themselves and others to their full mental, moral and social potential.

Design effective skill-building pathways to move learners from intellectual understanding to everyday mastery of these principles.

Assemble an accomplished, multi-disciplinary team of researchers, teachers, and mentors who are deeply invested in discovering, living, and imparting the principles of Inner Mastery and Outer Impact.

Serve aspiring changemakers who are committed to evolving the world while also evolving themselves by

  1. providing a pathway to learning, practicing, and embodying Inner Mastery | Outer Impact
  2. fostering a close-knit community that yields lifelong fellowship and growth partners, and
  3. supporting their efforts to incubate, accelerate, and scale their change initiatives

Catalyze self-reflection, dialog, and action among the right audiences to build a shared understanding of a more principled world and how we can get there.

Create an ecosystem where institutions aligned with Mentora Foundation’s mission come together to share knowledge and resources and to collaborate on initiatives.

OUR  Team 

Meet our distinguished faculty, mentors and administrators, all deeply committed to developing the next generation of changemakers from the inside-out.